How to Introduce Sex Toys in the Bedroom

How to Introduce Sex Toys in the Bedroom

How to introduce sex toys in the bedroom.

Are you looking to try new stuff in the bedroom but don’t know where to get started ? We’ve got you covered 😉

Not all of us have the confidence to talk about our desires & preferences with our partners, whether due to shyness, lack of confidence or fear of judgement. All these feelings are completely normal. Wanting to try something new in bed, including introducing sex toys, doesn’t mean your sex life is boring.

So if you’re interested in trying out sex toys with your partner, here’s how you can start the conversation:

1. Communication is key
There’s never really the perfect time to have the conversation, but we advise that you do it once you and your partner have had some sex sessions, built a good level of trust & communication both inside & outside the bedroom.

A great start to the conversation would be asking your partner if they’ve tried sex toys before & if it’s something they’re open to trying with you.

2. Reassure your partner
There’s a common misconception that people only use sex toys when they’re unhappy or unsatisfied with their relationship. If your partner is concerned about a sex toy 'replacing' them, it's important to remember that they can only mimic certain sensations, not all of them. Sex toys are companions, not competitors. Assure your partner that a toy cannot and will not replace human connection or intimacy in your sex life. It’s there for added pleasure and exploration only.

3. Choosing a sex toy
So how do you pick a toy that’s best for both you and your partner? You should consider the types of sex you already enjoy. So if you’re into penetrative sex, you should consider something simple & easy such as a vibrating egg. If you’re into anal sex, you should consider an anal plug and if you’re into clitoral stimulation, a clitoral stimulator works best.

We highly recommend vibrating cock rings for beginners, as they provide pleasure to both partners , simultaneously.

4. Remember: It’s your choice
Introducing sex toys can be fun, but it doesn’t necessarily work for every couple. If your partner doesn’t like them , you can always have your own solo sessions.
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